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The compass leads us to our next future.

Making full use of our long-cultivated expertise in satellite operation and optical communication technology, we aim to provide the world's first integrated service by a space integrated computing network, Making full use of our long-cultivated expertise in satellite operation and optical communication technology, we aim to provide the world's first integrated service by a space integrated computing network, and create a sustainable society such as mankind has never known.

SPACE COMPASS is a compass that leads us into the future.


Our mission is to realize the peaceful and fulfilling future by our endeavor to build a new social infrastructure that connects the Earth and space

To connect Earth and space

Space Compass will connect all human beings and data wherever needed in the expanding sphere of human activity by adopting newest technology.

By building new social infrastructure

In the Age of Exploration, compass was indispensable for voyagers to cross the oceans seeking uncharted frontiers, and greatly contributed to the advancement of people’s lives and society. Now in the era of space exploration, we at Space Compass will take on the challenge to build a new infrastructure that is indispensable to society through innovation.

For peaceful and fulfilling life

We will contribute to create sustainable society by eliminating information disparities, thereby solving various social issues, such as natural disasters. It is important for Space Compass that no one is left behind, and all people can pursue their peaceful and fulfilling life.


  • Service 01

    Space Data Center Business

    High-Capacity Communication and Computing Infrastructure in Space

    Optical Data Relay Service: This service transmits at high speed a vast amount of diverse data collected in space by observation satellites to the ground via a geostationary satellite (GEO) satellite. Existing services, which transmit data directly to ground stations, have communication capacity limits imposed by the use of radio waves as well as limits on the time at which ground stations can communicate with observation satellites. In contrast, optical transmission via a GEO will enable high-capacity, quasi-real-time data transmission.

  • Service 02

    Space Radio Access Network (RAN) Business

    Communication infrastructure for Beyond-5G/6G

    HAPS Business: This business provides low-latency communication services using high altitude platform stations (HAPS). HAPS makes it easy to expand communication service coverage to a wider area. Consequently, it is possible to provide highly reliable communication in times of disaster, high-capacity communication for ships and aircraft, and communications services for distant islands and remote areas. Mobile carriers can improve the overall cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency of their mobile networks by combining HAPS with an increase in the number of their terrestrial base stations to expand their service coverage.

  • Service 03

    World We Envision

    Space Integrated Computing Network Initiative Integrating Ground, Sky and Space

    Starting with optical wireless communication networks to be built in space and mobile networks to be built in the stratosphere, the space data center business will provide a high-capacity communication/computing processing infrastructure in space by steadily increasing the number of satellites equipped with advanced computing functions.
    For space RAN, we will expand service area coverage by adding or integrating geostationary orbit satellites and low earth orbit satellites (LEOs) in addition to providing image sensing using HAPS.
    By taking on the challenge of creating new infrastructures, we will contribute to the development of the global space industry and the realization of a sustainable society.

    Company Profile

About us

Contributing to a sustainable society through innovative computing networks that integrate terrestrial and space infrastructures

There is an urgent need to ensure the sustainability of economic and social activity. This makes it all the more important to effectively and fully utilize stratospheric and near-Earth space for ICT infrastructures in various fields. In addition, public and private sectors in many countries are cooperating to extend human activities not only to near-Earth space, but also to the Moon, Mars, and other bodies.

As the world's first integrated service provider, by breaking through the current limitations of telecommunications we will bring together cutting-edge technologies and partners from around the world to solve various global issues through infrastructure construction, operation, and service provision.


Establishment 20th July 2022
Representative Director Representative Director Co-CEO Koichiro Matsufuji
Representative Director Co-CEO Shigehiro Hori
Capital 6 billion yen
Business Activities
  • Space Data Center Business
  • Space Radio Access Network (RAN) Business
  • Research, development, manufacture, sale, lease, operation, management and maintenance of HAPS, satellites, network equipment and peripheral equipment
  • Any and all businesses incidental or related to the above
Head Office Address

408 Otemachi Building, 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


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